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I was introduced to Sand Art in 2019. From my first experience I was immediately hooked on this art. Sand Art is very unique, beautiful, therapeutic, and special. I make custom human and pet portraits, cute décor and brand character promotional videos for company marketing. Making sand art pieces requires some unique techniques because you need to deal with gravity as you work. I've successfully done Peppa Pig and Elf on the Shelf videos for their Instagram & TikTok marketing. My portraits are well packed and glued for shipping. They're perfect for gifts. I also do sand art workshops for events of any kind.


How to make?

Many people ask how I make portraits and characters out of sand. I use very fine colorful sand so that I can draw the details. I don't use glue to draw. I just use a stick and sand. First, I draw the outline in the glass. Then, I mix the colors just like painting. Finally, I build the model in the glass using sand. It's more similar to coloring than drawing, but if you have drawing skill, of course it will help a lot. It takes a few hours to make one portrait. Some people call it "patience", but for me it's more like therapy. Once it's completed, I glue the top using special technique, so that it won't collapse. You would be surprised how steady is. 

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